what CymaCraft is written in

CymaCraft is primarily written in simple Java Script. There is a tiny amount of HTML. HTML is what makes the framework (and normally appearance of a webpage. Java Script does most of the thinking and doing. There is really just enough HTML in CymaCraft to allow the Java Script to be on the web. In the near future the HTML page will be a PHP page which allows a mix of HTML and PHP. The PHP portions are for the doings up in the cloud (server side) It will handle logging in, keeping track of preferences, and also keeping track of the CymaCraft world and where each player is at any moment, anything that allows multi players and anything that saves after a person logs off. I will do my best to make this an easy task for aspiring programmers with all levels of vision.

A bit about Java Script: Java Script is a wonderful language and by far the most used language especially on the web. It actually has nothing to do with Java. It was called Java Script in order to sucker Java programers into trying it out. It has a few known bugs and set ways to work around them and often irritates people who are used to other languages but I believe that its odd ways are actually better and stem from a simplicity that gives it great power. And if you have ever dealt with classes and got confused forget about them JS does everything beautifully without classes. If you are a programmer at any level and want to help with this project please comment bellow or email me at goingsoundinterface@gmail.org. I want to meet you.

coding CymaCraft

This intro is for both people who can code and want to contribute and for people who want to learn. Of course everything on this site is intended to be accessible to people who are totally blind. Please comment about anything I want input and I want to meet anyone who is interested in any of this.

As a learner of coding I am tempted to new trick that I am learning but am making a decision to make code that is easy for beginners to understand. My hope is that beyond creating a testing ground for a sound-only Minecraft Mod. That CymaCraft will be an opportunity for blind coders to learn coding by augmenting the game. The common examples I notice for beginners to learn coding are completely visual like making a circle move across the screen. I think coding could also be learned by changing things in a virtual sonic world. This will be the end purpose for CymaCraft.