The first thing

I am building an online replica of Minecraft in Java Script with your help. The point is to test out different sound navigation and controls which would then be used to build a Mine Craft mod enabling people who are totally blind to play the real Minecraft with their sighted peers.

This all began on an audio games thread here. (you may need to refresh the link several times)

Please barrage me with comments or email me at my gmail goingsoundinterface

Here is the link to Cymacraft.

Cymatics is the science of making shapes with sound.( wiki Link )

Currently the game is very basic. A player moving around on a flat plane using the WSAD keys and the mouse just like Minecraft. The player uses spatial sounds to navigate. The arrow keys allow you to adjust a number of settings for you to help determine which work the best for navigation. After some basic ideas are explored additional Minecraft features will be added and the process will continue.

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